Welcome to ‘Thursday Central’

A blog belonging to a group of writers should start off with amazing prose. These should be words that amaze – that make you think – that make you weep. It might even be free of typos, but probably not. This blog has to start somewhere, so here goes:

“Thursday Central” is the completely leaderless, open to all, writing group that meets every Thursday at 10am somewhere along Central Avenue in St. Petersburg, Florida. Yes, the group was started by Jonathan Kile – novelist, free lance writer, and blogger who was forced to give up his day job when a genetic condition tried to end him (this is where you weep). But the fact that he said, “Hey, anyone want to get coffee every Thursday so I don’t have to think about it?” is merely a footnote to what the group has become. There’s Denzel, the young African-American poet who grew up in Alaska before moving to Florida during high school (that’ll make you a poet). There’s another poet, Maureen, a single mom, and entrepreneur leader of the literary non-profit Keep St. Pete Lit. There’s Shelly, newspaper and fiction editor, who doesn’t even understand the brilliance of her own writing. There’s Tara, the drama teacher, actress with seven jobs. Lisa, successful memoirist, actress, comedienne and emcee. There’s the other Tara – blogger, model, yogi. No one is famous, yet, but for god’s sake, we have someone named Cat Cheshire. It doesn’t get any more literary that that.

This is just the tip of the iceberg of the people who float in and out of Thursday Central each week. There’s also you. Whether you pull up a chair in person or join us here, where we’ll share poetry, links to articles, blogs, videos, and the work of our gang. You never know what you’ll find here.

To get you started, here’s a poem from Denzel Johnson-Green followed by a few links from our other writers:

Wit, Ambition! a Violent Tradition

– by Denzel Johnson-Green

Clever, clever

All things good, are witty—
only better
if you live in the city!

Smart, smart
These things bring you lots of money!

Ambition, drive, intellect,
precious things you must collect!

Younger younger
the younger the better 
don’t get old 
do as you’re told!

Slave away 
slave away. 
For all days
for all days.

St. Pete’s fantastic literary organization
Jonathan Kile’s blog: Don’t Make Me Turn This Van Around

Thursday Central’ is the online home of a group of writers in St. Pete, Florida. You’ll find anything here from poetry, to short stories, humor, and links to our work out in the world. We meet at 10am every Thursday, typically in a coffee shop somewhere on Central Avenue. The group is open to all, completely informal. We write, we socialize, we drink caffeine, and we share our latest triumphs and setbacks. To find out where we’re meeting next week, contact jkilewrites@gmail.com.

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