Thursday Central spotlight: Grab the tissues

Meet Tara Quelhorst, who despite having seven jobs, still manages to be a regular at Thursday Central. Seven jobs? Yes. She hawks Canon cameras on HSN, she’s a teacher, she does something for a real estate office that no one understands, she is a TV commercial actress, she’s social media manager for Keep St. Pete Lit, she’s a mom (that counts as two jobs) and she has as great blog about it all. Here’s Tara and someone impersonating her husband in a Bealls commercial:

It’s Tara’s story of becoming a mom that will have you reaching for the tissues. Tara and her husband Jeremy were unable to have children of their own (presumably because the planet could not handle the handsomeness that the offspring they would produce) and they turned to adoption.

Screen Shot 2019-09-19 at 9.48.39 AM
Tara and Jeremy contemplated kidnapping one of the Arizona Quints, but quickly scrapped the idea for a more socially acceptable method (picture is a dramatization).

Rather than recap the entire process here, you can read about their story as covered by the local ABC affiliate, and then watch the video of the first time they met their son Zeke. This is the part where you cry:

Pretty cool that this kid can see a video of his parents meeting him for the first time. And when he’s a teenager and wants to rebel, they can bust out this video and remember what they looked like before parenting aged them forty years. All joking aside, it’s a beautiful story. Be sure to check out Tara’s blog: High on Faith and Coffee and her entertaining Instagram feed.

Thursday Central’ is the online home of a group of writers in St. Pete, Florida. You’ll find anything here from poetry, to short stories, humor, and links to our work out in the world. We meet at 10am every Thursday, typically in a coffee shop somewhere on Central Avenue. The group is open to all, completely informal. We write, we socialize, we drink caffeine, and we share our latest triumphs and setbacks. To find out where we’re meeting next week, contact




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