Bubble, bubble!

a lake without air, is a lake in trouble!

Fish of a kind

find, that livin aint eezy

and it makes you feel queasy

when breathin takes more time…

Good for algae,

hoorah, hooray!

Low oxygen levels save their day!

Say, what about everythin’ else?

You know, the guppies,

the underwater puppies,

the sea bears, the sea elk,

the short nose boys,

the cloudy cod jumpers

the jellied groupies

and the Lost River Suckers?

Those poor fuckers

with their wide-eyed gasps and their

empty bachealr pads.

What about ‘em?

Who knows,

who knows.

But under the surface,

nothin’ grows,

nothin’ grows..

Based off the article

“Pumping Oxygen In A Lake To Try To Save Fish Facing Climate Change”

October 14, 201910:01 AM ET

Jes Burns “NPR”


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