Want Less

Want Less

Don’t know

who I am really

in this new land of trees and scrub

not that I care so much any more

who – is not an issue

do – I don’t seem to care

Be – has taken over

what – matters is 

sky and sun

cerelean and aqua 

glowing warm air

under and on my skin

Sounds water chimes ocean

voices harmonize

trying to say truth

in music multiparts

sirens intertwine

birds chirp around 

the happy mornings

yellow golden green

moss hanging Spanish

slow days slower 

full without blaring

quiet feet padding

the beauty

ballet in the ocean

creatures you know

go with the flow

water choreography

seals and cetaceans

wave rythyms and coral beats

ripples in pleasure

blissful leisure

people dancing

on the gulf

bodies swing and sway

in a starry ceilinged night 

trying to make contact

trying to get tight

touching turning moving together

patterns find life

eyes look away

hearts and bodies pulsing

wanting yet not

embracing but pulling 


Ice in the arctic melting

not even slowly

sadness overtakes the water

floundering floating 

hungry exhausted walruses 

skinny white polar bears 

their menthal home dissolving

no more resting

no more nesting

no more frozen paradise

only slow scrambling 


Humanoids wanting wanting

devouring inhaling siphoning

excreting gassing dumping

thrusting shoving forcing

wanting wanting 

some and more 

stuffed to the gills arms and legs

grabbing waddling 

craving consuming

molting debris and discard

clueless heartless blinders

entiltement demands

more now

greed a sinful thing

ugly leprous thing

Can’t you see

what we have done?

what we are doing?

sinking in the quicksand 

of our own distraught hunger

into the cesspool

of our perverse longing

of our own anxious aspiring

There’s got to be a way

one last breath

stop wanting

Want Less

Want Less

Alexandra Morgan

November 22, 2019


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